Februar 19, 2021
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On Thursday afternoon, we went flyering around Schöneberg, spreading a text by the Potse kollektiv which informed and updated the neighborhood in their current situation in their struggle against their proposed eviction.

We consider these actions of counter-information and propaganda inherent part of the broader struggle against the evictions, together with demonstrations, manifestation, open plenums or other actions.

In the same way that we defend projects which are self-organized and self-directed, we believe that we also can communicate, propagate and state our positions and ideas in an unmediated, direct way.

As we are entering a period that more projects are in imminent threat eviction, we need to take the streets to flyer, demonstrate and resist the state-planed evictions.

Stay tuned!

Syndikat, Liebig34 lebt!

Defend Potse, Meuterei, KĂžpiplatz, Rigaer94!

One struggle, one fight!



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