MĂ€rz 24, 2021
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The evictions of Liebig 34, Syndicat, Friedel, Habersaath and now Meuterei and the threats to still existing projects, such as Rigaer 94, Kopi Wagenplatz and Potse, the clearing of the self-organized Zeltstadt at the Rummelsburger Bucht and racial profiling, raids and deportations around Gorlitzer Park constitute the political career of Andreas Geisel of the SPD. On the one hand pushing a narrative of correct legal procedure with regards to evictions in order to intesify and ‘justify’ the political attack on left structures, while at the same time looking the other way when cops murder and assault, Geisel’s contradictory actions are one of the political directions of Berlin’s senate. As his term in office nears its close, the Minister for the Interior (and Sport) attempts to bolster his political legacy, courting right wing voters, opressing marginalized communties and facilitating the transformation of our neighbourhoods and city into one dominated by profit, where community, political struggle and counterculture have no place, security, law and order and property are sacrosanct and a decent quality of life becomes accessible to only a few.

In solidarity with all the threatened projects, as Meuterei faces eviction on the 25th of March we call for the demo on the 23rd, starting at 18.00 from Meuterei (Reichenberger Str. 58) and passing by Rigaer94. Showing that we do not wait for the state’s agenda, we place the struggle where it belongs; on the streets. We aim to connect struggles, demonstrating against every eviction, every oppression and every exploitation. We meet again on the 25th at 19.00 at Mauerpark (Eberswalder Str.) in order to make clear that every eviction has its price and that the struggle continues.

Join at:

23.3 – 18Uhr – Wir sind Unregienbar demo – Meuterei, Reichenbergerstr. 58

25.3 –  6 Uhr – Meuterei Day X – Dezentraliziert euch!

25.3 – 19 Uhr – Day X Demo – Mauerpark, Eberswalderstr.

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