Juni 29, 2022
Von EA Berlin
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A brilliant union organizer and a humorous orator, Benjamin Fletcher (1890–1949) was a tremendously important and well-loved African American member of the IWW during its heyday. Fletcher helped found and lead Local 8 of the IWW’s Marine Transport Workers Industrial Union, unquestionably the most powerful interracial union of its era, taking a principled stand against all forms of xenophobia and exclusion.  

Peter Cole is a professor of history at Western Illinois University in Macomb and a research associate in the Society, Work and Development Institute at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Before the book presentation there will be an English language introduction to FAU Berlin, open for members and curious people. Feel free to bring a friend or a colleague. The intro will begin at 18:00, the book presentation at 19:00 followed by a Q&A. Wine will be provided by the Foreigner’s Section.

When: July 8th, 2022 (intro: 18 Uhr | book presentation: 19 Uhr)

Where: GrĂŒntaler Str. 24 | 13357 Berlin

Quelle: Berlin.fau.org