September 24, 2021
Von Internationalistischer Abend
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Start: KĂžpiplatz, Mitte/Kreuzberg
Finish: Forckenbeckplatz, Friedrichshain.

Kþpiplatz will organise the ‘Defend Kþpiplatz’ demo. It will take place in and around our rebellious neighborhoods and on OUR streets.

This is the second-to-last KĂžpiplatz demo before the Day X demo, your final chances to make a big impact with us before the eviction and the Day X demo. Every weekend until the eviction we will occupy the streets, demonstrating our fury in this final stretch. At this point, we cannot stop. It is essential we have your support with every day, every demo, every action until the Day X.

Take your anger to the streets. When the law wants to break up our homes, it’s time to break the law!