Mai 20, 2022
Von Radikale Linke
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First step – fight back:

Build the radical left

The Platform Radical Left is an association of different groups. Despite the different approaches that our groups and individuals have to politics, we share a radical critique of existing social and political reality and the goal of a liberated society beyond state, nation, patriarchy and capitalism.

We see ourselves as radical leftists. That means: The world can not be improved in the long term by reforms within the capitalist system. Therefore, we do not support the parliamentary party system and the hope for a socially fairer and ecologically sustainable capitalism. We must fundamentally change society and believe that people can live together collectively and according to their needs, beyond capitalism, the constraints of wage labour, rigid gender roles and the division into nations. We want to organize society collectively, globally and according to our needs.

We organize in an anti-authoritarian way, that is, we work on the dismantling of hierarchies. We strive for a society in which none stands above others and everyone has the same opportunities to participate in decision-making. We demand this for all areas of life, where people have to submit to the will of the state, the police or the boss at the moment.

We are feminist, anti-fascist, anti-racist and fight against all antisemitism. In short, we oppose all ideologies that claim to classify and devalue people on the basis of certain characteristics such as their origin, appearance or gender.

We are convinced that we can only oppose the global rise of the authoritarian right if we support each other in our political work and bundle our forces, our different focuses and ways of working.

As an association, we are open to people who share an emancipatory critique of society as it currently works and who want to think together about how we can change it. Within this process, questions will arise that are often not easy to answer and we encounter all kinds of contradictions. That’s why we want to argue with passion and look for answers together in order to find utopias for a better world that is possible.