Januar 2, 2022
Von HaftunterstĂŒtzung Hessen
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+Happy anticapitalist new year. We will make them fear. #Free3llA!
Solidarity from RUINAS-

Solidarity to Ella and all prisoners who get opressed by the state to stabilize a power wich is destroying. Destroying lifes of humans and non human living beings, the world, them self.
Now in the cold times, the corona-virus even makes it harder for prisoners to not completly get lonly.
Write letters to prisoners to break the isolation!!
Lets see what the next year will bring.
We gonna sing?! And dance together.
Sing to get warm around our hearts.!
Dance, to get all the frust out and take our energy to fight.
Cause if we stay together, take care of each other, create new, we gonna be dangerous together!
We dance and party with you, you are here even you are far.
And we are there with you.
AAAnd the new year, again, they gonna fear.
Eat the rich! Free Ella. Free 3llA

Quelle: Freethemall.blackblogs.org