Juni 15, 2022
Von HaftunterstĂŒtzung Hessen
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So it’s been a little over one month since my release. I’ve been welcomed with open arms, and have been provided with the space and offered the intimacy to recover from the harshness of repression and prison life. I’ve known part of this recovery is becoming better able to speak openly about what has happened, telling the reality of what it is to be “inside”, being trialled, the solidarity I received, the forests and communities that make all this worth it, and especially the how and why of being an anonymous political prisoner, which I hope will provide preparation to those who may face a similar situation.

I wish to live in a borderless world, where people decide with others for themselves what is fair. Punishment is not fair because it is creating more suffering in our interconnected world, and ultimately we just want to be happy, and of course be affected by one another’s peace and happiness.

Breaking down the prison system together is something that makes me a little more peaceful. Last week I joined the Earth First! gathering at the Heibo forest occupation against gravel mining. There I held a workshop/discussion about Prison Abolishment, which I’m really glad to say was highly attended and with people attentive to the topic. To further the the cause of Total Liberation, this is work I’m willing to do more of, so I am putting an offer out here; if your collective would also like to get the world safely out of its cage, and together you would like hold a workshop or make an interview, then you can contact me through freethemall@riseup.net

Or, if you would like to do anonymous (non-egotistical) anti-prison work and you would like to use the ‘Ella’ name, just as the Zapatistas use ‘Juana’, Hambacher Forst ‘Mike’ and La Zad has used ‘Cami’ then I am putting my trust in you. It for sure is a significant coincidence that the name which dropped into my head when asked for a pseudonym spells “all” backwards in German. I hope we can further this #freeella #freethemall campaign to question how we are all experiencing different degrees of freedom and that it’s up to us to work for a cause that is fully inclusive.

Lastly I want to say a huge thank you to all those that have received me, those 20-30 waiting for me at the gates with their burst into song and dance, those reminding me to simply eat and sleep well, getting me back on my journey with what I need, and those letting me know I can come and talk with them or reach them on a physical level. I love you and I want you to keep on loving the world as you do, stay strong and get ever stronger!

<3 Ella

Quelle: Freethemall.blackblogs.org