April 23, 2021
Von HaftunterstĂŒtzung Hessen
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Guten Morgen!!
Guten Morgen!!

Do you think that this regimented Every-Single-Day routine is „reforming“ as they would like the public to perceive, or Soul debilitating as I and many others would testify? Do you think that the one inside this cell agrees that this is a „Guten Morgen“? Does this greeting bare any weight coming from the apparatus of oppression? Just as it wouldn’t, coming from a police officer, lawmaker, teacher, parent, doctor, priest or anyone holding back other’s freedom for the sake of their own ideals. Hence the ACAB Statement made in my last post. Freedom is a fundamental human need, anyone getting in the way of that is invited to go to the hell of their own consciousness and find their reasons for doing so. When they come back, not a cop but rather working for the freedom of all, they would cease to be a loathsome force. There is forgiveness in this philosophy, a poison in the right dose is medicinal.

In my time incarcerated I’ve contemplated more on our Earth’s environmental ills that emanate from the sociological epidemic that’s lead to this oppression. Basically, how we are fragmented from ourselves and each other, undergoing unresolved distress known as trauma, leading to this degradation of our environment. So unless we heal the profound tears & fractures of our minds with our ability to accommodate thoughts & emotions, we are unlikely to see environmental repair reflected on the outside.

Also in my time here, I’ve lived alongside people that have murdered children, a sex trafficker said to have enslaved workers, many thieves, fraudsters, drug smugglers and those framed and held accountable for the deeds of others, as well as with those who hold the keys. Despite our differences, we are all political prisoners, punished, or rewarded, by the same society that created us. Sadly, the public is fooled into thinking that varying amounts of that banal daily cycle would reform us into the elitist vision of a clean, tidy, all controlled society. It hasn’t since the advent of work and correction houses, why would it now?

Yes we are broken, the many harsh realities of life, 500 years of capitalism for example, have lead us to this sad state of affairs, where people lock each other up in a futile & stupid excuse of „dealing“ with a problem. The word „deal“ doesn’t even fit as it means to confront, interact and come to a resolution, which is exactly what the prison system does not do. Rather it shuts people away, leaving them enough time to plan their next venture, nothing interfering with them slipping into old habits when that cycle is up. Thus leading to the „revolving door“ that so many repeat offenders are subjected to.

My plea is that for all those which this message reaches, who know anyone that still hopelessly defends this wretched system, makes this interference with their illusion. The (in)justice system that separated us from each other needs to be abolished, this myth of reform has to be torn down!

Yes what I am asking for is a massive system change, in which crimes are eliminated. But also where offenders are held accountable through a process of coming to understand their transgressions and traumas, where they can receive therapy that challenges their belief system. Transformative Justice already exists, but it needs to be stepped up to a whole new level in which self awareness, love, conflict resolution and reconciliation are valued and put into practice far beyond what they are now.

This is not a change that comes from a democratic vote. It comes from each one of us stepping into our power, sticking together and declaring our Free Will, life’s vital ingredient that inspired this poem for the movement.


Thank you to the publishing team & those that boost readership & participation. I love you, you keep me sane!

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