Oktober 15, 2021
Von HaftunterstĂŒtzung Hessen
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Es ist schwierig das Gedicht auf Deutsch zu ĂŒbersetzen, wenn menschen gerne eine Übersetzung hĂ€tten, könnten sie es z.B. in einen TextĂŒbersetzer eintippen oder andere menschen fragen:

A poem for all those defending forests (August 2021)

Be ready

For the fauna have had their reproduction

the season is drawing in

And exploitative capitalism wants to function

They’ve done their Environmental Assessment


Have run rings around the law

Estimated profit margins

Disassociation oils the chainsaw


But what if their plans were to fall through?

And the resistance took hold?

The animals, their homes be known

And a riveting story got told?


What if there were a renewed respect

Not one arrest, not war,

But re-evaluation for and relief in

The enchanted habitats we adore


So get your sleep

But wake the fuck up

Remember to dream

And smash lies we’re expected to suck up


What is the real enemy?

Is it these very untruths?

The overpower, the numbed feeling, twisted compass

that spoils youth?


How to be ready for a Goliath that comes?

Stick together, break apart

Dicern what best serves

with a beat that’s strongest from the heart


If motions of eviction do come around

Be assured that in conflict we grow

Greet them with ceremony

And for an outcome imagined, consider

Who’s to know?


*The prison also requests that people stop sending stamps. There was once apparently a case of a prisoner receiving LSD soaked onto a stamp, so now their risk avoidance means that although LSD can be soaked onto any paper, they now make it that bit more difficult to stay in touch with loved ones by disallowing what covers the cost.

Quelle: Freethemall.blackblogs.org