Juni 14, 2021
Von Freie ArbeiterInnen Union (FAU)
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[June 14, 10 a.m., Erbil] The entire peace delegation in northern Iraq is being held in its hotel today to prevent a rally and press conference in front of the UN representation in Erbil, which was promised yesterday by a government representative.

About 30 Peshmerga with assault rifles are keeping the 60-strong peace delegation in northern Iraq in their hotel. Only yesterday, the delegation met with the foreign minister of the Autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan Region (PDK) who promised the rally could take place. Currently, the detention seems to be relaxed, but all demonstrations are still banned. Other delegates are currently in custody.

Wolf Meyer, member of the international committee of the FAU: “The current actions of the government of the Iraqi Kurdistan are unworthy of official international relations and are reminiscent not of a civil democracy but of a Turkish dictatorship. We are being arrested, deported, detained – with support and acquiescence of the German government. We demand all prisoners be released, the right to demonstrate and that joint agreements be respected. We ask all trade unions to find clear words for the current situation in Erbil.”

L'ensemble de la dĂ©lĂ©gation de la paix dans le nord de l'Irak est actuellement retenu dans son hĂŽtel. Cela empĂȘche un rassemblement et une confĂ©rence de presse devant la reprĂ©sentation de l'ONU Ă  Erbil, comme l'avait promis hier un reprĂ©sentant du gouvernement. Une trentaine de Peshmerga armĂ©s de fusils d'assaut retiennent actuellement dans leur hĂŽtel les 60 membres de la dĂ©lĂ©gation pour la paix dans le nord de l'Irak. Hier encore, la dĂ©lĂ©gation avait rencontrĂ© le ministre des affaires Ă©trangĂšres de la rĂ©gion autonome du Kurdistan (PDK) et reçu une promesse pour le rassemblement. Actuellement, il semble y avoir un assouplissement de la dĂ©tention, mais toutes les manifestations sont toujours interdites.

Quelle: Fau.org