Februar 27, 2021
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Translated update report in english from the doctor chosen by Dimitris Koufontinas, for his health condition on 25/02/2021.

Today Thursday 15th of February, I visited the hunger striker Dimitris Koufontinas, where he is hospitalised for the 10th day at the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital in Lamia.
By completing 49 days of hunger strike, the striker presents heavy emaciation, generalised muscle weakness, dizziness feeling and parts of dehydration. Hypoglycemia, accompanied by impending electrolyte disturbances, can be fatal to the myocardium and brain at any time.
In short communication that I had with him, I updated the hunger striker for the intervention of thousand people in the social media of the president of democracy, the mobilisations in Greece and abroad, the important public statements of supporting his demands. Although devastated, Dimitris Koufontinas is determined to continue his struggle.
I am seriously concerned about the statements of intolerance and revenge, which multiply since last Friday. I am wondering if those who make these statements, seek the acceleration of the fatal. Dimitris Koufontinas is in danger to lose his life in the next two 24hours.
It is not the time for grudge. I ask from the president of democracy, the prime minister, the party leaders to perceive and rise to the occasion. A life earned is more important than any “political cost”.

Thodoris Zdoukos, doctor of ESY Thessaloniki, 25 February 2021

source: https://mpalothia.net/di-losi-toy-thodori-zdoy-koy-giatroy-epilogi-s-toy…


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