Dezember 2, 2022
Von Brutstätte
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Joyous Joyous Joyous occasion, that in the age of anarchos and isms that I and many others like myself have managed to wade through the neo-liberal trash heap of ideas (both imagined and real) to bring you a real conclusion. One that has been staring everyone in the face for pretty much all of time. Here you have it the true foundation of Anarchy is…… diversity! Listening to other people’s opinions, learning about the world, and accepting whenever you’re wrong and when you’re right, sometimes both! Though none of that faux kumbaya bullshit, no I mean genuine, actual consensus. One that can only come through blood, sweat, tears, and learning that ultimately, we’re fucked. One way or another, the utopia we all have envisioned in our collective subconscious is impossible. Capital is all-consuming and encompassing. Changing on a whim and making anything it likes its own much like a very well-behaved egoist. Because of this, anything we can truly imagine, anything we can plan out in vivid detail…. must either be willing to change on a moment’s notice…. or be discarded. It is to be nomadic in spirit and practice, and nomadic lifestyles have no tolerance for ideology, central planning, or grand federations of communes. No, we need to be quick and ever-changing, we need to actualize our future right here right now. THIS is why diversity is necessary because we don’t have the luxury of decades of thinking while we slowly tear down what was capitalism and make sure we get this right, no we are well and truly fucked beyond much hope. And yet, I cannot help but feel this is a golden opportunity. An opportunity to quit fantasizing about our role in the mystical revolution and to get off our asses and do something about it. European society and its extensive tendrils need grandiose plans with specific goals in mind and EVERYTHING needs to go exactly as predicted. But not us, we simply need to be joyous. Happy, adventurous, excited, and profound joy is our key to success. Joy and human desire has been the only thing not yet completely engulfed by the leviathan and cannot be. For true human desire requires all of us, our own Anarchy to exist for as long as we can before vanishing as if we were never there. Much like capital, we must always change and evolve. Never stopping, never compromising. Fighting fire with fire because…

Anarchy DEMANDS Chaos

If you want something, steal it. If you enjoy something, experience it. If you love someone, cherish them. Do whatever your heart desires, ride the waves of human emotion, and let it guide you to a unique experience and worldview never before seen on Earth. This is what it means to DEMAND Chaos. Whenever the powers that be shove pills down your throat every time you inevitably experience negative emotion at the state of the world, you need to be able to discern propaganda and genuine human experiences. An insurrectionary as it were, must know how to be a human being so that they may know how to identify and combat the alien capital at any turn. How to do this is up to you, discover your spirituality, reconnect with your ancestral roots, conduct research on anything and everything that might interest you, or hell just take 30 minutes to shit at work. Anarchy must come from your heart, not a book. For the only way to truly understand yourself is to also take into consideration the people around you. How you impact them and how you can help them in any way possible. We will not be successful without each other. This is a burden we all must share, and we are much stronger for it. Once you feel satisfied with your journey to reclaiming your mind from Capital, you will then realize…

Anarchy DEMANDS Violence

That horrible storm you feel inside, that visceral reaction to the shit you see everywhere around you. The blaring ads in the streets and in your home in the form of product placements. The daily murder of countless minorities for „law and order“ and their subsequent entry into slavery through the prison industrial complex. The attitude and reactionary logic of everyday regular people whose own ideas have been supplanted into a hivemind of the Leviathan. The State has made its intentions very clear. It. Wants. You. Dead. Even the most privileged leftist isn’t safe from the clutches of state and social censorship. So, you must fight back against this injustice and tyranny. But you see revolutions of days past, how much younger the state was back then, and even they weren’t able to succeed, not truly. So how exactly do you fight back against an insurmountable enemy who wants nothing but sterile Earth for the sake of profit and self-replication? Well if you have been paying attention you might already know the answer. Do whatever the fuck you want. Be careful however for taking this path often leads to many people taking up the mantle of „Revolutionary“ or „Insurrectionist“ and all the metric tons of shit that comes with that. You mustn’t distinguish between work and play. No, true resistance comes from making smashing capitalism, fun! Do this at any opportunity you can, any situation which screams „DO SOMETHING NOW BEFORE THIS MOMENT SLIPS AWAY!“. From the words of Armed Joy author: Alfredo Bonanno. „Hurry comrade, shoot the policeman, the judge, the boss. Now, before a new police prevent you. Hurry to say No, before the new repression convinces you that saying no is pointless, mad, and that you should accept the hospitality of the mental asylum. Hurry to attack capital before a new ideology makes it sacred to you. Hurry to refuse work before some new sophist tells you yet again that ‘work makes you free’. Hurry to play. Hurry to arm yourself.“ This is the only way to fight Capital in its current, most efficient form it has ever been at. But don’t let me tell you that, go out, talk to people and make your own Anarchy. The only way I was able to come to this realization was by going to public events, talking to people, and watching the fabulousness of Humanity do its best in an isolated incident against hate. As said before, Anarchy is not something to be imposed, it is something that requires hard work from all of us and something that can only come FROM us. Create your own little pockets of resistance, then before they are exposed by the State, scatter into a million pieces which each goes on to make their own pockets. Who knows, maybe we’ll get somewhere with this.